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We are Financial Strategists with an international team of the best in industry tax and business experts. Our focus is to bring back your money you are spending unknowingly and unnecessarily in taxes, business costs and other financial losses.

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We do not charge for our preliminary reviews. They usually entail a 5 -10 minute questionnaire and a brief telephone meeting. We will tell you definitively after our review if we can help and usually provide you with a minimum savings projection before you decide to use our approach.

We provide projections of tax free cash flow using stress testing and back testing. They have been rigorously tested using worst case scenarios such as the Great Depression and the High Interest environment of the 1980’s. We build our income plans to be tax free or a large portion of them to be tax free. We guide you with a few very simple steps to maintain the tax free status. Once we set it up and give you those steps we will be there along the way just in case you need or want us for further guidance.

Yes… We follow all the IRS tax codes with our specialists that are extremely well versed in the interpretations and applications of these codes. We err on the conservative side to ensure our clients do not have to worry about violations or loosely interpreted code.

Your CPA may have done one or two of our strategies but they simply do not have the capacity to implement most of these strategies. It would take a very large firm to do half of what we do and along with the large firm comes subsequent billing for their overhead and branding. We work along side your CPA to improve what she or he is doing already. Many of our end clients are actually CPA firms. Once they understand we are adding to their services and not replacing them they become our biggest advocates.

Yes…some of our specialists used to work for the IRS. Our conservative approach with interpreting and implementing the tax code has given our team the distinction of not having a challenge overturned. The strategies have been proven, they have held up in tax court and have not resulted in reversals for our clients.

Our team has some of the best advisors to help get your business or practice to the highest value and therefore the most attractive. We then can get a business valuation done for you if you haven’t had a professional valuation done, help you get it listed and for some, most importantly, help you defer or even eliminate Capital Gains and Ordinary Income tax 6 or 7 figures in taxes!

The Elevation Plan is a holistic plan that can be as detailed or as simple as need be to make sure it fits what you want in your overall lifestyle, protections against foreseen risks or pitfalls like taxes and market risk and unforeseen risks while keeping your hard work shielded from lawsuits, divorce and creditors. There are many different components of The Elevation Plan so it is truly customized for each client, no two plans are ever the same.

Yes….many of our strategies can be very effective for our highly compensated clients. It’s a very quick assessment we can do with you over the phone to make sure we can provide what you are looking for.

In todays “Information Age” we feel that we should all be well educated by the internet…what in reality is happening is that we are in “paralyses by analyses” or that there is simply too much information for us to digest let alone retain. These strategies are researched and practiced by professionals that are highly specialized in a specific area of the tax code or in business cost reduction strategies.  A Google search will not make anybody an expert in anything we do. Most people do not search the internet to perform surgery on themselves. The same goes for what we do for our clients. Those that utilize our plans wonder why it took them so long to find us.

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